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The Hyperion Historical Alliance (HHA) is a non-profit membership association consisting of private scholars, academics, archivists, artists, and legacy members who work both inside and outside The Walt Disney Company.

The HHA’s primary mission is threefold:

  1. To preserve documents, oral histories, artwork, and other relevant items pertaining to the history of Walt Disney and the men and women who worked at The Walt Disney Studios and its related divisions, such as WED/WDI.

  2. To engender and deepen research relationships between scholars, historians, archivists, and other professionals who explore the history of animation, themed space and outdoor amusements, the historical figure of Walt Disney, and the overall work accomplished at The Walt Disney Studios and WED/WDI.

  3. To participate in the production and the general dissemination of historically accurate portrayals of Walt Disney and the company that bears his name.

As a 501(c)(3), the HHA is organized exclusively for literary and educational purposes. The HHA serves as a body through which shared interests, support, stimulated discussions, and the production of qualified content and efforts related to Disney history and historical preservation are cultivated and nurtured. 

Didier Ghez
Mindy Johnson
Vice President, Membership/Conference 
Todd James Pierce
Vice President, Membership/Conference 
Tim O'Day
Vice President, Communications
Paula Sigman Lowery
Elizabeth A. Spatz
Director, Digital Asset Management
Steven Reeser
Art Director, Publications
Jim Hollifield
Director, Publications
J.B. Kaufman
Director, Publications
Dave Mason
Joe Campana
Director, Digital Preservation
Jeremy Marx
Chief Technical Officer



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