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Since its formal organization in late 2014, members of the Hyperion Historical Alliance have been engaged in a number of professional efforts, including:

  • Assisting with locating and preserving artwork by pioneering Disney female artists Retta Scott and Sylvia Holland;

  • Locating and assisting with the publication of autobiographies by
    Eric Larson, Mel Shaw, and Pinto Colvig, among others;

  • Locating and digitizing artwork from Joe Rinaldi and other studio artists;

  • Editing a book manuscript featuring the correspondence of famed Disney director Wilfred Jackson;

  • Digitizing the diaries of Leo Salkin;

  • Locating and digitizing various materials of The Walt Disney Studios' Ink & Paint Department;

  • Assisting the non-profit Ryman Arts educational organization with cataloging/digitizing Herb Ryman’s personal files.


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